Nzega Digital Library Initiative receives support from American technology firm iXsystems

iXsystems, Inc., based in San Jose, California, is a market leader in providing customized open source storage solutions for businesses. Their systems power everything from top-500 websites to Fortune 500 companies. PeerCorps-CeRD is happy to announce that iXsystems has expressed Continue reading

Nzega Digital Library Initiative will incorporate eBooks from Project Gutenberg

PeerCorps-CeRD announces the incorporation of the Project Gutenberg collection of free eBooks into its offline community library effort in rural Tanzania. Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books ever assembled. The current database contains Continue reading

PeerCorps-CIPCS recruits new researcher in fight against harmful skin bleaching in Tanzania

PeerCorps recruits renowned skin-bleaching researcher and psychologist Dr. Kelly M. Lewis for initiatives aimed at reducing the harmful practice of skin-bleaching in Tanzania. The PeerCorps Trust Fund, via its Centre for Injury Prevention and Community Safety (CIPCS), enthusiastically announces its Continue reading