PEERVoice Blog is a web-based resource used by the PeerCorps Network to inform, educate and inspire. The PeerCorps Network is a consortium of four independent non-governmental organizations (NGO). Based in Colombia, USA, Tanzania and Paraguay, the Network is broadly active in the areas of community safety, rural development and education.

The organizations which comprise the PeerCorps Network include:

PeerCorps Trust Fund (PCTF), Tanzania
John Harvey Lowery Foundation (JHLF), Louisiana, USA
Corporación Sembrando en Familia (SEF), Colombia
Consultative Group on Latin American Development and Security (COGLADES), Paraguay

The members of the PeerCorps Network are active in many areas of social, civic and political life as well as in academia, healthcare and industry at local, national and international levels. For more information about each of the members, please visit their homepages via the links embedded above.

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