Arrival in Nzega – PeerCorps-CIPCS

We arrived in Nzega exhausted from a reasonably uneventful bus ride from Dar es Salaam. It was an 11 hour journey. A good night’s sleep at the Tazengwa Bible College took care of the rest. We were warmly greeted by the local District Hospital Staff the following morning, who then took us around to complete the necessary pre-requisites of registering our presence in the district. Subsequent to the formalities and uniquely warm Tanzanian greetings, we were given a tour of the Nzega District Hospital where the project would be based. The Nzega District Hospital Staff and the District Office of the Member of Parliament are thanked for their assistance in helping us to get settled in Nzega.

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  1. I can think possitively for what you have plan,my thirsty is to be one among the pleople who can benefite direct from peercorps.

  2. carry on my dear friend (peer corps) i wish to be among of the members of peer corps

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