Intern Presentations – PeerCorps-CIPCS

Prior to the start of fieldwork, each Intern had been given a public health topic to research and present to the team during orientation week. These topics included:

1) Injuries as a Public Health Problem (A. Bechtold)

2) Design and Deployment of Surveillance Systems (L. Davis)

3) Public Health Surveillance – Measurement and Analysis (L. LaCava)

4) Translating Surveillance into Policy and Practice (M. Kaeraa)

The Intern presentations were followed by two extended lectures delivered by PeerCorps-CIPCS Director M. Wilson on “Introduction to Injury Epidemiology” and “The Epidemiology of Injury in Africa”.

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  1. The topics is quite related to the environment. I really hope for improvement after the research has taken place. Perhaps we can have good solutions to the problem.

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