Digital Library Initiative – Fundraising milestone reached!

The Digital Library Initiative has reached a new milestone with over 1,000 US dollars raised by donors from around the world contributing to the Digital Library Initiative’s campaign to bring digital libraries to communities in Africa. The gifts received so far total enough to fund purchasing the technology to support approximately half of one digital library installation! Currently, we are continuing to identify host locations for the digital libraries to be installed as a resource for the entire recipient community, empowering them with access to knowledge.

It is our goal, with the funds that are raised through donations to this campaign, to eventually support a total of ten new digital library systems at community centers, educational institutions, and organizations assisting women and children in Africa. Each contribution brings us closer to making the Digital Library Initiative, and access to information, a reality for the people in these communities.

If you are interested in helping expand the Digital Library Initiative, we invite you to contact us at

You may also support the Digital Library Initiative by sharing the link to our GoFundMe fundraising campaign – with family and friends through email or social media, or offering a donation of any amount that you are able to give. We can make a difference! Thank you for your continued support.

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