Digital Library Initiative in Tanzania attracts international audience

A PeerCorps-CeRD initiative to create digital libraries in a rural town in Tanzania, has been met with a surge of interest both locally and internationally!

The Nzega Digital Library Initiative (NDLI), named after the town where the project was founded, has been picked up by technology news site BIT in the USA. The site’s mission is to increase visibility, participation, and change the perception of people of African descent in technology through community focused activities, events and media.

The NDLI starts from the basic premise that books are precious resources that are difficult to obtain in rural Tanzania. They also have costs associated with transporting and storing them. The NDLI seeks to increase access to books by building robust offline file servers out of commodity hardware using state-of-the-art open source technologies such as FreeBSD and the ZFS file system. Not only is the project intended to be self-sustaining, but it may also represent employment opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to package the system in alternate ways.

The article in its entirety can be read on the BIT website via the following link.

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