PeerCorps-CIPCS and Researchers at Muhimbili University Launch Tanzanian Injury Prevention Network

Preventable injuries contribute disproportionately to loss of life and disability among Tanzanians more than any other issue of public health importance. Yet the attention, investment and efforts designed to mitigate preventable injury pales in comparison to those of other health issues.

In Tanzania today there are numerous groups and organizations that work in either the promotion of community safety or are active in carrying out research and training in injury prevention. Yet, few entities are active in advocacy or providing collective energy to advance safety as a whole. Thus the Tanzanian Injury Prevention Network (TIPN) was born.

TIPN represents an organized collective effort to document and advocate the activities and efforts of individuals and institutions across Tanzania who are active in promoting safety and reducing injury. Some of the activities that are covered by members of the TIPN include:

1. Traffic and pedestrian safety
2. Burn prevention
3. Violence prevention (including gender-based violence)
4. Poisoning prevention
5. Drowning prevention
6. Workplace safety
7. Child and adolescent safety
8. Animal bites
9. Safe Communities

To obtain more information about TIPN please use the following email address for correspondence:

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