Former Interns, now trailblazers in international health

The PeerCorps Trust Fund (Tanzania) is very proud to learn of two of its former interns Ulugbek Bekmukhamedov (from Uzbekistan), and Andrea Dunlavy (from USA) who have begun to make their marks in public health and international development. Ulugbek was recently selected for a management position at the World Diabetes Foundation in Copenhagen, Denmark. His duties include managing a large portfolio of diabetes-related projects in low-income countries. Andrea was selected for a competitive research post at the Center for Health Equity Studies (CHESS) in Stockholm, Sweden. She will conduct research into the health and working lives of people in Sweden with a foreign background. Both participated in the 2009 PeerCorps Child Injury Survey Project in Dar es Salaam. Andrea earned a Master of Public Health Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in the USA. Ulugbek earned a Master of Science Degree in International Development from Lund University in Sweden.

Ulugbek Bekmukhamedov, M.Sc.
Andrea Dunlavy, M.P.H.

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