Sid Ideas Ltd. donates laptop to digital library initiative

The PeerCorps Trust Fund is excited to announce that Sid Ideas Ltd. has donated a Thinkpad T420s laptop computer to the Tanzania Digital Library Initiative.

This is a very important donation for the team and one that will allow a significant amount of progress towards building digital library classrooms in the very near future.

Sid Ideas Ltd. is a company founded on the principle of solving big obstacles facing humanity. It honors all those individuals that have managed to make a difference such as Julius K. Nyerere, Elon Musk, Patrick E. Ngowi and the list goes on.

The donated laptop will be used for extensive testing of a distributed digital library concept currently being developed at PeerCorps. It is one that makes use of a laptop’s batteries to supply continuous power to the entire computer network during power outages, while still remaining portable, powerful and energy efficient. This particular laptop is noteworthy because it can house up to three internal disk drives. This allows us to extend the storage capacity of libraries in very significant ways.

We would like to acquire more of these amazing machines. If the Tanzania Digital Library Initiative resonates with you, and you are thinking of ways to contribute to the project, these laptops can be obtained relatively inexpensively on the second hand market. Or perhaps you have one that you are no longer using? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

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